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We carry Turtle Wax Professional chemicals
If you’re looking for consistent quality and exceptional results or looking for advantages that you don’t get from your current supplier, we can help. We are a supplier of professional car care products for Turtle Wax. We are honored to be working with Turtle Wax to offer car wash owners a new car care program.

Turtle Wax products will give you an advantage that other products don’t have. Did you know that Turtle Wax has a 95% brand awareness? That’s right, 95% of people surveyed recognize Turtle Wax as the brand for cleaning and protecting their vehicle. With that kind of name recognition customers will take notice when you tell them you are using Turtle Wax products at your car wash.

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When you join the Turtle Wax team you instantly qualify for a marketing co-op program and EQ program. The marketing program will provide you with pre-existing or custom on-site signage to replace and upgrade any current signage you may have. The program allows you to accrue marketing co-op funds a rate of 5% of annual net purchases. The EQ program will provide the necessary equipment needed to set up Turtle Wax chemicals. The list of equipment includes secondary containers, lids, locking rings, dilution blocks, labels and titration kits.

Turtle Wax has the “Total Turtle Program” that gives you a discount off your initial set up for using only Turtle Wax products. The discount varies by the type of car wash you own. We will monitor the usage and application of Turtle Wax chemicals on a monthly basis to insure your car wash is giving your customer the cleanest car wash around.

What do all these advantages mean? It means that Turtle Wax is committed to helping you be successful. Turtle Wax will make you more profitable and make your car wash more recognizable to the public.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 877-852-9274.
picture of Turlte Wax Professional chemicals at a car wash
Turtle Wax professional Triple Shine and Drying Agent

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