Entry Systems

Entry Wizard by Jim Coleman
We offer several types of entry systems and pay stations for car washing. We represent the Entry Wizard from the Jim Coleman Coleman and the Goldline and HTK from Hamilton Manufacturing Corporation. Both Jim Coleman and Hamilton Manufacturing offer high quality, secure and durable pay stations. Depending on the types of services you want to offer, the type of operation, or the type of reporting you require we can tailor an entry system for you.

With ever increasing cost of operation in any business both of our entry systems allow you offer payment options of currency, coins, credit cards, tokenotes or personalized customer value cards. Our entry systems also allow you to operate with or without employees. You can view performance and activity at your car wash on site or view it remotely from home. The opportunities are many.

Jim Coleman's Entry Wizard 3 (EW3) with its' Webgate Software is the next step in the evolution of entrance controller systems. Reliability and accessibility are the

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features in the new EW3. Boasting a rock solid operating system and powerful web utilities that can be accessed through any high-speed internet connection, allowing you to monitor your car wash from any computer that is connected to the internet. The EW3 is also POS 4000 ready with optional hardware.
Goldline Autocashier
Hamilton Manufacturing offers the Goldline Autocashier. The Goldline is a safe and secure way to operate your unmanned car wash as well as manned car washes. The Goldline has the capability to accept quarter and dollar coins, currency up to $20 bills, credit cards, numeric codes of 5 to 7 digits, tokenotes, and customer value cards.

The Goldline also offers the D.A.N. System or Data Access Network system. This system allows for high speed credit card approval, easy programming of pricing, token acceptance, weekly specials, security settings, and remote management and revenue reporting for the Goldline Autocashier. The Hamilton Code System (HCS) can be incorporated with the Goldline to provide gas stations and C-stores with “pay at the pump” or “pay at the cashier” car washes. The system generates a code that can be paid for at the gas pump or inside the C- store and can be used at the car wash by simply entering the 5 – 7 digit code into the Goldline autochashier.
Hamilton Autogate
Hamilton Manufacturing also offers a gated entry system. The gated entry system utilizes a Goldline autocashier with an entry gate. The gated system allows you to control traffic flow for your tunnel wash, reduce labor cost, eliminate handling of cash by employees and the system never calls in sick and it comes in single and multiple lane configurations.