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Ultimate Products car wash door
Turn-Key offers the finest overhead door on the market. Ultimate Products Inc. manufactures an overhead door that is second to none. The aluminum framed polycarbonate door is light weight, tough and shatterproof. The door provides insulation for your building to help lower energy cost. The door panels are available in double wall, clear and triple wall construction.

The doors feature options like the Ultimate Roller, Hinge, and Bearings. The Ultimate Roller is a HDPE (high density plastic extrusion) wheel attached to a stainless steel shaft. The roller will not rust. The Ultimate Hinge is an HDPE hinge molded to provide smooth quiet operation and increased strength. The Ultimate Bearings will not rust and is made of ultra high molecular weight material designed to withstand extreme temperatures and wet, corrosive environments.

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Car wash overhead door
The door is available in an Anti-Rust Package that includes a triple wall polycarbonate panel, aluminum shafts, HDPE hinges, and ultimate rollers or a Galvanized Package that includes a triple wall polycarbonate panel, galvanized shafts, galvanized hinges and ultimate rollers.

The Ultimate Door lift options utilize a galvanized or stainless steel spring good for 100,000 cycles or our favorite the counterweight belt system using the UltraBelt System. The UltraBelt System replaces the door drum and eliminates cable jumping problems. The belts are made of reinforced Kevlar and are guaranteed not to stretch and are virtually indestructible.

The overhead doors can be operated using Ultimate Air Powered operators for a smooth, fast operation or using NEMA rated electric door operators for use in colder climates. Each application comes with a control box for up and down push button operation.

There is no better door on the market that can give you the long term reliability that the Ultimate Door can provide. Remember, in the car wash business if you can’t open your doors, you can’t wash cars.