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install and repair car wash RayPak and ProPak boilers

Atmospheric Boilers

Turn-Key offers Raypak and Propak copper-fin tube design boilers for hydronic heating, in-floor snow melt heating, and hot water supply. Both manufacturers consistently lead the industry in engineering innovations and quality improvements. For nearly 60 years and over one million installed units later they are still the undisputed leader in quality and reliability.

All car washes need hot water to provide the best quality to clean their customer’s vehicle as well as a way to heat the floors in self serve bays and tunnels to provide a safe environment for your customers to move around on those cold and icy winter days.

When it comes to quality, reliability, serviceability, trouble free operation and lower operating cost Raypak and Propak are the leaders and is a testament to our commitment to only offering the best equipment available. From boilers, to hot water storage, to in-floor heating, we can design a system specifically for you.

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Propak high efficiency boiler for car wash

High – Efficiency Boilers

The Propak TM stainless steel ultra high efficiency boiler provides car wash owners with a way to save a lot of money on utility cost. These high efficiency boilers are 99.8% efficient. The boilers can be fitted to use natural gas or propane and with the cost of energy increasing every year the Propak TM can reduce you energy cost by up to 50%. The Propak TM can be used to supply hot water and in-floor snow melt heating.
The Propak TM has a stainless steel construction to provide superior corrosion resistance. It is light weight and has a compact vertical design that allows the unit to be attached to a wall and it comes completely assembled, wired, and factory test-fired. The modular component construction and self-diagnostic microprocessor controls provide for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. Ultra-high efficiency means low stack temperature and the sealed combustion design means no ventilation to the outside.
propak Wall mounted boiler for car wash    Closeup of Propak wall mounted boler for a car wash