Water Conditioning

Car wash water softener
Softening the water that comes into your car wash is the single most important process your car wash can have. Softening your water supply allows your cleaning solutions to operate at their maximum potential. Manufacturers of car wash chemicals design their products to work most aggressively when water is softened.

We offer several types of water softeners from two suppliers, The Jim Coleman Company located in Houston Texas and Huron Valley Sales in Belleville, Michigan. Both companies provide high quality water softeners at a great price. Huron Valley Sales features and builds the Propak water softener system, a leader in water softening technology.

Water softeners come in all sizes and configurations. So, whether you have a self-serve hand bay car wash or a 180 foot high volume tunnel we have a water softener that will fit your needs.

Car wash spot free system

Spot Free Water Systems

Spot free water comes from a process called RO or reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis when used in conjunction with a water softener can produce water that will not leave spots on a vehicle and is perfect for use as the final rinse in the car washing process. Water spots will form on a vehicle when the water being used to rinse the vehicle contains minerals and particles. Most customers think it is residual soap and that the car wash is not rinsing their vehicle properly. The fact is water spots are remains of minerals and particles that are contained in the rinse water. When the water dries minerals and particles will leave a deposit that forms spots on their vehicle. You can eliminate spots and customer complaints by using a spot free water system.

Turn-Key offers many different sizes of spot free rinse systems. The systems range from producing 500 gallons per day to 8000 gallons per day. Our equipment is Propak and is manufactured and supplied by Huron Valley Sales in Belleville, Michigan. Propak is a leader in spot free water production systems. Propak quality is unmatched and comes with a 1-year parts replacement warranty.

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