Water Restoration

Turn-Key Carwash Systems offers water restoration technology from Propak Water Technologies. What is water restoration you ask?

What is Water Restoration?

Water restoration is the ability to re-use water restored almost to its’ original state. In the car washing industry there are three types of water treatment; Reuse System, Reclaim System, and Restoration System. A reuse system separates solids down to 50 to 70 microns only using gravity. Nothing else is done before the water is reused. This causes the water to develop an odor due to the chemicals remaining in the water and only 30 – 40% of the water can be reused. A reclaim system separates the solids using settling tanks and filters. They also insert ozone to slow down bacterial growth, but an odor still develops over time. The odor is caused by anaerobic bacteria that emit Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell). The solids in a reclaim system can be removed down to

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5-50 microns, but the chemicals still remain from the previous washes. Water restoration systems restore the water back to as near as its original condition as is only biologically possible. The restoration can separate solids down to 5 microns and has no odor due to the use of aerobic bacteria vs. anaerobic like the other systems use. In restoration ALL the chemicals have been removed, and 95% of the water is reusable.

Why Should You Consider Treatment of Your Waste Water?

With the ever rising water costs, tap fees, and sewer costs water restoration allows you to re-use your water thus reducing the need and cost of water from the local municipalities. The system will pay for itself over a few years and after that it’s money in your pocket. The benefits of a restoration system are all natural water restoration, low operating costs, low maintenance, highest quality water output, water savings, and faster return on investment.
How does this fit in with Turn-Key?
Turn-Key is trained and educated on the water restoration system. When you choose us to build your carwash for you, we incorporate one of these fantastic water restoration systems with your new or existing car wash to help you save money.

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